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Everyone has always said I look like Bailey, but I don’t.
I have grey eyes to her green,
an oval face to her heart-shaped one,
I’m shorter, scrawnier, paler, flatter, plainer, tamer.
All we shared is a madhouse of curls
that I imprison in a ponytail
while she let hers rave
like madness
around her head.
I don’t sing in my sleep
or eat the petals off flowers
or run into the rain instead of out of it.
I’m the unplugged-in one,
the side-kick sister,
tucked into a corner of her shadow.
Boys followed her everywhere;
they filled the booths at the restaurant where she waitressed,
herded around her at the river.
One day, I saw a boy come up behind her
and pull a strand of her long hair
I understood this-
I felt the same way.
In photographs of us together,
she is always looking at the camera,
and I am always looking at her. Jandy NelsonThe Sky is Everywhere (via feellng)
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loyal-nicole asked: Hey! I followed you! Love your blog! Do you follow back? (:

Yes I do!:)

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Of course! I just watched it and I loved it!:) your beautiful BY THE WAY:-)

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